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Kalani Hart with Balzar and Malzar by StrongBob
Kalani Hart with Balzar and Malzar
A wonderfully accurate representation of Kalani and her imp familiars! With a few references to her backstory and roleplay, in the form of her ankh-board and her firewand!

Showing off here, is what I assume would be a daily occurrence for the young mage, in the form of studying arcane artifacts, objects, or tomes as her imp familiars, Balzar and Malzar, watch and occasionally "help" with.

Artwork by :icondrgraevling:. It took me over a YEAR to finally secure a commission spot with this guy, having been turned down twice due to fully loaded queue. Third time was the charm, and I don't regret it!

Kalani, Balzar, and Malzar all belong to me.
Selfie Time! by StrongBob
Selfie Time!
Kalani Hart and her friend Inveigle at the club. I enjoy this one, which displays Kalani and Inveigle's tendency to take things more lightheartedly than elsewhere.

Some folks have already seen the picture and, knowing the characters, have asked me "Shouldn't it be Inveigle doing the Selfie?". And you'd be right. A miscommunication with the artist got the characters reversed on accident, but I felt it would be more amusing for Kalani to 'surprise' Inveigle by submitting to the Selfie culture's conventions, with Inveigle's expression all "WTF? This is not like you!"

Artwork by the impressive :iconaaaninja:. Amazing artist, but if you tread his work, be warned it's mostly NSFW.

Inveigle belongs to former CoH player, Larina.

Kalani Hart belongs to me.
I've Got You, Now
Ghost Lilith pretty much... Being Ghost Lilith. Despite being a long term villain for many decades in her lifetime, she somehow has managed to seduce a superhero with just the right words. The 'usually' strong and independent Valdis Verdandi submits to a little indulgence, here.

Artwork by :icontoviorogers:

Valdis Verdandi belongs to former CoH player, EyesofHades.

Ghost Lilith belongs to me.
The Cybros by StrongBob
The Cybros
Alec Strader and Hydraulic Hannah at the Pocket D bar, just hanging out and gossiping like a couple of bros. Kindred cyborgs, they've apparently been titled the "Cybros", having coincidentally undergone very similar cybernetic augmentations from dramatically different incidents and sources.

Artwork by :iconimagesbyalex:, who never fails to get a character just right.

Hydraulic Hannah belongs for former CoH player, Squiddy.

Alec Strader belongs to me.
Chris and Lyra watch TV by StrongBob
Chris and Lyra watch TV
A fun little scene commissioned by a friend, of our characters sitting back on a movie night. I imagine this is just another event of Chris complaining about the scientific accuracy of a particular science fiction flick while Polymorph Hex prefers to try enjoying the flick.

Artwork done by the ever impressive :iconimagesbyalex:

Polymorph Hex belongs to :icontorentsa:

Christopher Xiggores belongs to me.


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These are commissions I've made of other artists throughout Deviant Art. You can see who is attributed to what in the profile of each picture.

Give them all a look. They do great justice to our city.
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